Sarcoma Cancer is a rare disease, often misdiagnosed, often afflicting children and young adults.
The Karen Wyckoff Sarcoma Foundation is dedicated to Sarcoma Cancer research, support and education...and the fight to find a cure.

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Though Sarcomas are rare, you are not alone in your battle against the disease. The Karen Wyckoff Rein in Sarcoma Foundation provides news, resources, and a way to connect to others with the disease. Since our inception in 2001, Rein In Sarcoma has had the opportunity to serve many individuals who, like you, have waged a personal war against this disease.

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We thank you for the privilege of assisting you on your personal sarcoma journey.

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Rogotzke Memorial Kickball Tournament - Celebrates Anna

Rogotzke Kickball Tournament 2014-1The FOURTH ANNUAL ANNA ROGOTZKE MEMORIAL KICKBALL TOURNAMENT and FAMILY FUN DAY was held in Sanborn, Minnesota on July 19, 2014. Twelve coed teams of ten players took to the field to compete for the title of Kickball Tournament Champs. In between tournament games, the kids took their turn on the ball field for some friendly kickball competition and fun. Read more...

RIS Funded Research Findings Published

 Amindya BagchiDr. Yuen-Yi Cheng, Amindya Bagchi, and David Largaespada and three others have authored a paper describing research into a gene that causes some kinds of cancer. This research was supported by RIS contributions among others. Learn More...

RIS Grass Roots Support

Anna Rogotzke Memorial Kickball Tournament

by Sumaira Hai, volunteer

How does a town unite around a loss? How do you make laughter, fun, excitement, and commemorate a loss of a beautiful four year old girl?  For the Rogotzke Family and the community of Sanborn , Minnesota  you come together to celebrate with an old fashioned “Kickball Tournament”.  Read more...

Sarcoma: The not-so-benign lump - StarTribune Commentary

StarTribune Commnetary Image 7-04-2014

This rare soft-tissue cancer requires early diagnosis and appropriate referral for treatment.

 Star Tribune SublogoRIS Medical Advisory Board Article published July 4, 2014 as Commentary in StarTribune  Read Commentary...

Sarcoma Studies: Importance of Research

Larry Seymour, MD University of MN Sarcoma Cancer Program Retreat

The problem with sarcoma is that giving a known disease a name implies that we understand something about it. In sarcoma, that is largely not the case. There are 50 or more different diseases called sarcoma, and in some of them many subtypes. As genetic studies have improved and become more easily done, it has become apparent that each of the different sarcomas has a genetic profile different than the others.. Read more...