Sarcoma Cancer is a rare disease, often misdiagnosed, often afflicting children and young adults.
The Karen Wyckoff Sarcoma Foundation is dedicated to Sarcoma Cancer research, support and education...and the fight to find a cure.

Welcome to Rein in Sarcoma

Though Sarcomas are rare, you are not alone in your battle against the disease. The Karen Wyckoff Rein in Sarcoma Foundation provides news, resources, and a way to connect to others with the disease. Since our inception in 2001, Rein In Sarcoma has had the opportunity to serve many individuals who, like you, have waged a personal war against this disease.

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We thank you for the privilege of assisting you on your personal sarcoma journey.

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"Stories of our Sarcoma Journeys" in Story and Song

Dr. Jon Hallberg - Hippocates Cafe- Stories of our Sarcoma JourneysOn May 9th 80 people with a common interest in Sarcoma gathered to watch a Hippocrates Café performance “Stories of our Sarcoma Journeys” directed by Dr. Jon Hallberg at the Mill City Innovation and Collaboration Clinic. This wonderful evening was conceived by our three sarcoma scholars: Alyssa Larish, Gina Pistacello and Jake Sunberg.   Experience the evening and read more...

Successful "Celebration of Life" Honors Mark Wehner

WehnerIn 2012 Mark Wehner was diagnosed with his 3rd battle with Sarcoma Cancer -  A  volleyball sized tumor was removed from his abdomen. Melissa McDaniel and many of Marks’ other former students at the Osseo, WI high school, in response to Mark’s battle, organized  the first “A Celebration of Life” in May of 2012 . In what is now an annual event the Celebration is a community craft/vendor show with live music, concessions, baked goods, and raffles, most of which is donated. Wehner and Maureen (Reen) decided the name of the event needed to be joyous and Celebration of Life was the name chosen. Read more...

Why Study Cancer in Companion Animals? - 2014 Mini Medical School

2014 RIS Mini-Meidcal School

RIS Mini-Med School of 2014 – Comparative Oncology
The Animal Cancer Care and Research Program is a joint effort of the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota. More than fifty faculty members, including veterinarians, physicians, and basic scientists from five schools and colleges at the Academic Health Center are working together to realize our vision of a world where we no longer fear cancer. Read more...

Raising Awareness-Saving Lives among Family Practice Doctors

Dr. Christian OgilvieOn April 10th and 11th RIS attended the 2104 Minnesota Academy of Family Practice Physicians Spring Refresher Conference at River Center in St. Paul. Orthopedic Surgeon and RIS Board Member, Dr. Christian Ogilvie,  was the centerpiece of our efforts to educate, family practice doctors about sarcoma. Dr. Ogilvie gave a well-attended seminar entitled “Musculoskeletal Tumors: What Should I Do About This Bump?”  Those that didn’t attend the lecture still had access to the slides in their packet if they wanted to go over his information later. In conjunction with his lecture the Red Flags Committee staffed a booth. During the two days we talked to over 200 doctors personally. Read more...

Educating Future Doctors

Jasmine Baultrippe

"You don't want to be doctors 1 though 5 who misdiagnosed my brother's sarcoma" Jasmine Baultrippe poignantly stated to seventy 2nd year medical students at Rein in Sarcoma's annual "Sarcoma Day" at the University of Minnesota.  Organized by RIS Sarcoma Scholars, the lunch lecture was highly informative with a presentation on Soft and Bone Tissue Sarcoma by Dr. Christian Ogilvie and personal presentations by Jasmine Baultrippe who lost her brother "Beanz" to osteosarcoma and Lisa Griebel who is a sarcoma survivor. Learn more and see event videos.