Sarcoma Cancer is a rare disease, often misdiagnosed, often afflicting children and young adults.
The Karen Wyckoff Sarcoma Foundation is dedicated to Sarcoma Cancer research, support and education...and the fight to find a cure.

Tell Your Sarcoma Story

“A place to learn, share, hope, and honor”

Tell us your Story:
Each of us has a story to tell about our respective sarcoma journey. If you would like to share your story with others as a way to spread hope, be of help, or to memorialize a loved one, we encourage you to do so. Sarcoma stories are firsthand accounts from sarcoma patients, survivors, and loved ones who are honoring the lives of deceased sarcoma patients.

We invite you to share your story with others. We appreciate that deciding between listing your story as a sarcoma patient or sarcoma survivor is purely a personal choice. Some view themselves as a survivor from the first day of diagnosis while others prefer to wait for a specified or indefinite number of years of being sarcoma cancer free. We respect your decision and offer the following guidelines for submitting your story:

Sarcoma Patients: If you are currently under active treatment for sarcoma and don’t yet think of yourself as a sarcoma survivor, we welcome your story here. Sarcoma Survivors: If you are no longer under active treatment and view yourself as a survivor, we welcome your story here.

Tributes: If you have lost a family member or friend to sarcoma cancer, we welcome your tribute story recognizing your loved one’s continued impact on your life, the lives of others and memorializing the ongoing love you have for that individual.

Contacting you: We can provide a link to your contact information within your sarcoma story, if you are willing to be contacted. This may include a CaringBridge site or a Rein In Sarcoma networking site such as the the RIS FaceBook or an email address.

Story Guidelines: Tell your story in the way and style you desire. While we do not want to restrict the way you tell your sarcoma story, here are our general guidelines:

Length: From about 500 to no more than 2,000 words

Pictures: We encourage you to submit one or more images for your story. Please identify each picture submitted. • RIS retains the right to edit your story, but will ask for your approval of any edits.

Submitting your story: Please use this form to submit your story. You may paste in your narrative from another document if you prefer. Click here.

Story Boards: An additional way to share our story in a meaningful way is to share your story on a storyboard that will be displayed at our annual "Party in the Park". To learn more contact our Party Logistic Chairperson, Marilyn Clemens by email by clicking here.